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So the pain has died down a whole lot to just a very mild mild pain when my bladder is full, which by the way I have to go more often already?? never had to get up in the middle of the night to go pee and now I’m up twice a night just to pee. Is that the PIO cause it seems waaayyyy to early for prego symptoms. I also have very very moody or hurt feelings very easy lately. I also have pretty tender sore breasts but I know that the last two I listed is from the PIO. The infertility monster is starting to rear its head today…. every time I pee I’m looking for blood. but I have no symptoms of this ivf not taking or a miscarriage. though this is my first time getting this far with ivf so I don’t know if it is the same. I feel pretty good my tummy is nice and bloated and like I said the pain has really died down. I’m feeling pretty good that this cycle will work for us. the PIO shots were not that bad till today… day 5 on those shots but now both hips are getting bruised so starting to hurt a lot more. Hope everyone is doing great and Come on Feb 13th hurry up and get here so I can find out the results!!!!

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