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ok today’s ultrasound… we were able to see the heartbeat and hear the heartbeat but the heart rate was a bit slower then it should of been. the baby last week measured 5 weeks and 4 days today it measured 6 weeks 1 day meaning it only showed 4 days of growth when it should of been 7 days of growth though doc said the baby was hugging the wall real close so we were not able to get a good picture so she was not able to measure it completely which means it could of been 7 days growth if not close to. my doc say to be cautiously optimistic but so far it is telling the baby isn’t growing as much as it needs to. We head back Wed next week for another ultrasound to see how much baby has grown yet again. We ask for prayers please for baby to be growing big and strong. The doctors don’t sound like they have much hope….
My church had a healing service tonight which our worship leader pastor Jeff had heard about our story Tues night said he prayed all day Wed and said he really felt God say that hubby and I really needed to be at the altar to be healed! It was so wonderful and I can tell you that I am healed!!! Rutherford OB2 Rutherford OB3

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Wed we have our next ultrasound to make sure this is a viable pregnancy. The doctor says there should be considerable growth and should have a heart beat by Wed. If not I don’t know what will happen or what I will do… I have been taking the loss of the two babies ( one never attached and the other I miscarried) really hard. I kept putting it behind me and moving on when yesterday I tore into my husband griping about anything and everything until I started crying saying why does everyone act like they didn’t matter…  here’s what has happened….

Monday  Feb 25th was when I found out my HCG count was not as high as it should of been, I did not want to talk to anyone that day or the next because I knew what was probably happening though I never thought of one still be ok. At that time I had been pregnant 6 times and lost 6 babies. I knew my reality… my family and friends don’t understand, they just say the same thing, “well it wont work unless you think positive” really?!?! bull shit. or ” it will be ok everything will be fine”  again really… hello people I have been threw this 6 times all ready I know the feeling I know the signs on top of which I know what my doctor is telling me. I had one friend that just kept trying to get a hold of me and once she started trying to get a hold of my husband I texted her saying look you are a good friend but we got bad news I don’t want to talk we find out Feb. 28th if we have any babies left. I will text you when I feel like talking. rude of me I know…

Feb 27th we had the ultrasound and doctor kept saying you are on track for 6 weeks but even hubby will agree he did not sound like it will be good news on march 6th… we will find out then.  but we did confirm that I did indeed lose 2 of the 3 babies. with only one being a miscarriage though but both hurt equally. I texted the same friend stating what the findings were, ” one baby never attached, we miscarried the 2nd baby and the 3rd baby is right where it needs to be says doctor though he doesn’t sound positive on it being viable though.” she texts me back “I’m so happy for you it’s right where it needs to be!! hey are you in town I need a ride home I have to put my car in the shop”   …. are you fucking kidding me!!!! how incentive and cruel! I just found out I lost 2 babies. I texted back we are in Frisco which is 2 1/2 hours away from her.  she texts back as long as you get here before 5 thanks….. we get there and she isn’t even there yet, when she does get there she gets in the car smiling and happy and greets us with cheer and asks so how are yall doing? I didn’t say a word hubby says tired and drained its been a long emotional day. she says yeah and then starts talking about utter bull shit and gossip…. we drop her off and I start crying again.

the following day Feb 28th she texts me in the morning asking how I was doing and what I wanted to do for the day…. again you have got to be fucking kidding me… she’s 23 years old, married and they are just now talking about trying to have a baby, she’s never been pregnant so I can understand she doesn’t really know what it is like but at 23 years old (I’m 32 in may so I know at least for me and all the rest of my friends) she should have common sense to know it hurts to lose a child. I texted her back a long text stating no I am not ok I  am hurting I lost 2 babies for a grand total of 8…..8!! ( I still can not believe I have lost 8 babies. ) it will take me a long time to grieve this loss and she writes back that she’s sorry I left it at that.

the next day March 1st later in afternoon she texts asking if I was feeling any better…. I didn’t text back

on Friday march 2nd she text asking if she can come over and pick up her makeup bag before she left town… the girl never wears makeup ever. She buys it like crazy but never wears it…ever. she brought over because she wanted to do my makeup for my hubbys bday dinner… hell no I am 32 years old I do not need to be looking trashy at his nice bday dinner so it just sat there. I said sure  her and her hubby head over a few hours later and when I opened the door I just handed her the bag and said have a safe journey bye. she tried to walk in I stepped in front of her she said how are you feeling I said how do you think I am feeling I lost 2 babies I feel horrible have a safe journey talk to you later…  I haven’t heard from her since and she is a good friend, I know she is just worried about me but for goodness sake learn some common sense it hurts to lose a child. and it takes a long time to grieve and move past never forget but able to move past.

now with everyone else…. most people tell me I need to relax and rejoice in the fact that there is still one baby left in there….. do not get me wrong.. I thank God everyday for another day he has given me with my baby. along with all the other blessings he has given me through the years. but I do not like how people just move on so quickly from the 2 we lost. like they were nothing at all. they meant a lot to me and hubby and our friends and family I feel should respect that.

and the last and horrible one to me…. I called my mother Wed night after the ultrasound to tell her the results… she ignored the 2 we lost completely and kept trying to move away from it. I told her mom you don’t understand I would of had twins but we lost one. she finally got it then hung up with me a few mins later cause she had to get ready for school the next day. she’s a teacher.  she had my 3 year old niece call me on Saturday because my niece wanted to talk to me, afterward she gets on the phone and asks what I was up to today…. I said not much I am not doing very well she gets aggravated with me and asks why I said its been a horrible week and she says why jess what has been wrong in your week….. I said um I lost 2 babies she said ok and… what made your week horrible…..

besides hubby no support…. like I said earlier I have no idea what I will do if this pregnancy isn’t viable. I pray everyone else is having a decent week.


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ok so we get called back and my heart starts beating a mile a minute. recap… they transferred 2 class 1 embryos and 1 class 2 embryo.  one of the embryos didn’t attach at all. I miscarried the 2nd baby… the third baby though is still hanging in there and doctor says baby looks right where it should be at around 6 weeks pregnant. there was no heart beat yet but he said not to worry though that’s it could be a little behind. I go back in a week to make sure that this is a viable pregnancy. He’s looking for considerable growth and next week we should be able to see the heart beating. morning sickness is starting to get a bit stronger…. i’m so conflicted with emotions, i’m so happy about the 3rd baby, but so sad about the other 2 babies. Hope everyone has a wonderful night. 6 week ultrasound

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ultrasound tomm

I just couldn’t wait till Thursday! I had hubby call them back and make the ultrasound for tomm morning. So at 11:30am tomm I should know what is going on with the baby on whether we are miscarrying or we lost 1 but still have one or if only 1 baby attached etc….  I am so freaken nervous!! Though I actually do think that we are still pregnant with one baby. I think it attached late and that there is only one. I have not had any sharp pains, cramping or any blood spotting or otherwise. We shall see tomm though…

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Waiting to be called back for blood test and then drive to my ultrasound later. Not as nervous right now but I’m sure as the day progresses the more nervous I will become but if we make it to Friday then that will be the further then the last ivf cycle.

now we are waiting on the results but my ultrasound showed 6 follicles on my left ovary of which 3 of those were good in size other 3 were ok size, that is 5 follicles more on my left ovary then my 1st ivf cycle. she did not tell me the number of follicles on my right ovary but I had about 3 that were slightly smaller then my good sized follicles on the left ovary, with a bunch of smaller follicles. my cyst is still there but you can see that it is going down in size now. the lining was good along with everything else they look at in there. My first ivf cycle was canceled around this time due to low estradiol and I only had 4 (1 left, 3 right ovary) follicles total. I feel like this time around is a lot better but still aware that the estradiol is the main thing that could make them cancel this cycle. it was 88 last time I think it’s suppose to be 200-300 by now I have no clue though. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Lord let my numbers be good and allow me to get to the retrieval this time, in Jesus name, Amen!

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My body did what it was suppose to do!! I took my last BCP on the 15th, and my AF started today! I am so happy that it  didn’t fool around this time, though I still have to get the ultrasound and blood test to confirm that it isn’t sneaking another follicle. I don’t think so though last time my ovaries were having a ton of pain, this time I’m just having the regular cramps so I will take it as a good sign till proven otherwise! I called the nurse this morning to let them know and they are trying to get me set up here in my city to get the ultrasound and blood done so I won’t have to drive 2 1/2 hours… Hopefully. Is it weird that I’m really looking forward to starting the injections? Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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so the ultrasound we thought went good but then they called and told me the hormone was at 277 so they canceled this ivf cycle and said we can go at it again next month. we wont have enough money to go again till Jan/feb and the good news is we can actually buy the  meds little by little till we have every one of them. I’m trying to think of the positives like well this gives me more time to get way under 200lbs and i can get back on my fibro meds to get out of pain again till we go again.  I can’t help but think if I  would have just done something more or different maybe it would have work…

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I can really feel the difference from the 1 vial of menopur to the 2 vials, I can barely sit with myself I feel horrible 😦  Jason was able to work everything out so that he is able to go with me tomorrow to the Dallas clinic for the blood test and ultrasound I am really praying that the increase dose is making my body do what it is supposed to be doing.  I hope everyone else is doing good .

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ok I am noticing a pattern here every time we do the injection on the right side under my belly button it hurts, left doesn’t hurt at all… the right side hurts for a few seconds. so ultrasound went good I think said the uterus looked good and that I have follicles already on my ovaries 🙂 ! though I thought it was early for that lol I do however have a tiny cyst on one of the ovaries only 1.2mm. blood test I guess will be back in a couple of days. so now I’m waiting till 3pm to go get the last MRI done. More good news the hardship loan got approved from his retirement fund. less than we thought but that’s ok it buys the last follistim that we needed to ensure we can finish this round of IVF.  I feel like I can half way breathe again lol I just can’t shake the worries so far every step we take with the IVF a road block tries to stop us going forward. God I really hope this works this time around  I otherwise it will have to wait till we finish getting back out of debt again

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