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I am having another one of those cry for no reason days.  I’m on day 2 of the menopur and follistim and so far I am feel just the tiniest bit more emotional but I am having a ton of pain in my stomach though!  I’m not sure if it’s my fibromyalgia or the scar tissue from the 2 ectopic surgeries I had or from the shots? maybe even a combo of all three who knows… I hate it though I feel horrible all the time now. I keep trying to get up and clean and work out but once I’m up I’m quickly right back down.  my pain level in my stomach is sitting between 4-7. while sitting/lying down it’s about a 4 but once I start moving quickly heads up to the 7. I’m so frustrated with it, it felt great this morning with the temp at 63 I wanted to go for a walk     😦 maybe tomorrow it will still feel great out but I’ll be in less pain.  I hate feeling so confined to the house!

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