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So we received the call around noon today that out of my 5 eggies 3 of them fertilized and have no abnormalities! My doctor has decided to go ahead and do the transfer tomorrow morning since he wants to implant all three of the eggs. He says, no since in waiting around to see if one egg is better then the other egg since he will be implanting all three, they will have a better chance inside me. Suddenly I am scared shitless. I am freaking out so bad and I don’t know if its the infertility monster or the hormones or both. I honestly believe God will see us through to the end with a healthy baby, but for some reason I am still so scared. Hubby wants to get a hotel room after the transfer and stay the night so I can get bed rest right away. Nurse thinks it is fine to drive home after we leave the ivf center. I think hubby will win this one though…

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