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ok I am noticing a pattern here every time we do the injection on the right side under my belly button it hurts, left doesn’t hurt at all… the right side hurts for a few seconds. so ultrasound went good I think said the uterus looked good and that I have follicles already on my ovaries 🙂 ! though I thought it was early for that lol I do however have a tiny cyst on one of the ovaries only 1.2mm. blood test I guess will be back in a couple of days. so now I’m waiting till 3pm to go get the last MRI done. More good news the hardship loan got approved from his retirement fund. less than we thought but that’s ok it buys the last follistim that we needed to ensure we can finish this round of IVF.  I feel like I can half way breathe again lol I just can’t shake the worries so far every step we take with the IVF a road block tries to stop us going forward. God I really hope this works this time around  I otherwise it will have to wait till we finish getting back out of debt again

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Lupron day 4

Oh my goodness today’s shot hurt so bad! I’m hoping it was just the needle since it stopped hurting after the needle was removed. I feel so achy all over and no energy and no motivation. I want to try to get back into my old routine but right now is not a good time. It has been raining all week-long and the mosquitoes are really bad and two people in my city have the West Nile virus and one of those unfortunately has passed away, so not wanting to take a chance on it. I have my MRI of my wrist today and my bone density scan I just want to get these over with already. Just tell me already if I have it or not cause wither way I can’t do anything about till after baby is here. I think i am mostly just tired of the constant go go go…

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