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My insurance includes nurse phone call to check up on you and help you with whatever health goals you have. So this morning I talked to a nurse for about 35-45 minutes she just kept asking me the same question over and over.. “but.. how do you handle the every day pain and fatigue being off your medications?”, I said I don’t really lol she couldn’t understand how I could deal with all the pain let alone all the other symptoms I have due to the fibro and the other illnesses I have. That’s Life though, no use in fussing over the hand your dealt when your energy can be used so much better in trying to learn ways to live and be happy! With the aid of medications I was able to lead an almost normal life when it came to just the fibromyalgia. Without my fibro meds my pain has increased, It stays around 6-8 every day mostly in the same areas, my back, hips, knees, wrists. The pain I can deal with though, I don’t like it (took ten years to get the diagnose so 10 out of 12 years no meds), it’s the fatigue that kills me. I can barely get anything done at all around my house let alone get up and do any of my work outs to try to lose the 40lbs I want to lose before I try IVF again. I told her I do music therapy which helps with the pain along with seeing a therapist which helps with the coping of having lifelong illnesses.  I have no idea what I can do to help with the fatigue besides meds and since I can’t take any at the moment I would love to hear anything that may help it,  if any one has any suggestions please I’m all ears!

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so the ultrasound we thought went good but then they called and told me the hormone was at 277 so they canceled this ivf cycle and said we can go at it again next month. we wont have enough money to go again till Jan/feb and the good news is we can actually buy the  meds little by little till we have every one of them. I’m trying to think of the positives like well this gives me more time to get way under 200lbs and i can get back on my fibro meds to get out of pain again till we go again.  I can’t help but think if I  would have just done something more or different maybe it would have work…

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