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Ok so was called early this morning with the results but had to run all day long, my Estradiol was 24.1, my LH was 3.9 and my FSH was 8 to which she said was overall perfect… I don’t know, but I am thinking she knows a lot  more about it then me.  Ever since then I feel so scared and keep crying a tiny bit here and there and just nervous that I will once again let my husband down. Hubby got upset and said I needed to quit talking like that, that we have a great chance on this working.  IVF nurse called back again to tell me I will be starting the birth control pill today not tomorrow and that I need to go pick it up and not use the ones I already have because doc is giving me a much higher dose. Nurse said I start them today 12/13 and stop taking them on 12/27  and she said since it is such a high dose I should start another period this month a day or two after I stop them. No Lupron this time around, he wants to try me on the Ganirelix and see if it works better with me. If I do not start a period by 12/31 then we have to travel out to Dallas to get a ultrasound and see if my body is on track. That day and new years is such a horrible day, I went to ER at 11:37pm 12/31/07 found out my pregnancy was ectopic and that my baby had a heart beat, rushed me up to surgery 12:25am to find out that my tube ruptured… 8-9 weeks pregnant…. blah… that is my worst one, had another miscarriage on Christmas eve too, I swear me and holidays do not mix!! Any who! I start taking 2 vials of Menopur and 300IU Follistim  also on 12/31 with my first ultrasound and blood test on 1/2. Start the Z pack on 1/7 and I assume the retrieval will be any where from 1/10- 1/14 and of course the TWW. Nurse said even if they up my meds we already have enough Follistim she said maybe one more box of 5 vials of Menopur but she doubts it. So I have to get 5 I guess vials? of the Ganirelix and we picked up both of our Z packs today. The only other med I will have to buy is only if I receive a BFP and it will be for the clotting disorder. I feel less stress this time due to actually having all the meds and money before we started up plus it helps that my father-in-law isn’t having his leg removed this time around too… These nerves of mine need to settle down and know that we can deal and be ok with whatever happens, so far not listening to me though.

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