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we went for our ultrasound today and the baby no longer had a heartbeat. Doctor says it was a chromosome problem. He says just because this one had a chromosome problem does not mean the next one will be and he seemed confident that we will have a baby. his bedside manner was really good and we asked if it would be a huge issue if we would just take some time away from ivf to grieve and maybe lose some more weight. he says I am young and though my AMH is very low he doesn’t think it will be a problem. He says my problem isn’t getting pregnant since I have been pregnant 7 times now, now it’s just getting me to keep the baby so it needs to be the right time right place. I feel so numb then I will bawl for a while then numb again. the stupidest stuff starts me crying like I was going to order maternity pants next week… I can’t believe I have lost 9 babies..

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