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Ultrasound and blood test

So even though I did receive my AF before today, they called last night and said they still wanted us to come out and get a baseline. So we got up at 5am and hit the road to make it there by 9am, pulled me back real quick, took the blood, emptied my bladder and went to go get the ultrasound. They said my lining looked really good, then they looked at my lefty and said she looks really good then moved to my righty…. Damn you right ovary!!!! It’s so frustrating!!! My last cycle was canceled due to my body not performing…. Ok so I had a follicle that measured 34/20, no wonder I have been having so much pain on that side. She said yeah that’s pretty big but it still only hits 20 so it may still be ok IF it is not producing estrogen on it’s own. So sure when I want it to produce the hormone when I am on the injections she’s like nah… don’t feel like it.. no pills or injections she’s like I will show you.  😦 Estrogen was suppose to be under 69, mine was 118. So I now have to start up the really high dose of BCP you know the one that made me a crazy woman, well crazier… starting today. Nurse said she will call me Wed/Thurs to let me know if I can start up again on Jan 18th.  Praying I can and hope everyone out there has a safe and Happy New Year!!

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