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The shot barely even stung today! We went back out today to see about a loan still and it looks as though we have a high chance of getting one but can not get it till at least the 29th this month, we also heard back today from the retirement fund about the hardship withdrawal and it looks as though we will be getting that but not as much as we thought we would have. that’s okay though as long as it covers this IVF cycle I’m good with that if by chance we would need to do another cycle we will save up this time before getting started.  So far our diet is going real good and I went for my old 3 mile walk today which felt great outside and was just beautiful. I figure I’m going to walk one day and the next I will stay home and use the stepper for  an hour, at least till I can build back up to doing the 5 1/4 mile plus swimming for an hour 1/2 plus the stepper for an hour a day. but right now I am hurting and am just so tired I figure as long as I do some type of exercise  for an hour a day it will at least let me maintain… hopefully.  Tomorrow morning I have to go get my ultrasound and blood test to see is there are any cysts and I don’t remember what else she said they were doing. that afternoon I get my MRI done on my right wrist I can’t wait to finish up all of these dr appts already….

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