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Blah Sunday

Took hubby to airport at 4am this morning 😦 I hate being without him but he will be back thursday afternoon. I had to give myself the injection today I got to use to him doing it though it was easy since it isn’t the one you have to mix up. so instead of just sulking cause my baby isn’t here I took my dog, stormy, to the dog park for a few hours and walked about 3 miles. she loves it there she has 7 acres to run around and play with other dogs there are doggy water fountains and fire hydrants all over the place lol . she is 8 years old, she’s half lab and half blue heeler. she is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever owned. not to mention a big time daddy’s girl 😦  now I guess I will do some cleaning and wait for my baby’s call.

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