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It’s taking longer then I thought to really get up out of bed and get stuff done.  The last two days I made myself get up and get the laundry done and pick up the house etc… My husband and I finally started our walks again 2 days ago, only doing 3 miles so far though.  I have to work my way back up to the 5 miles plus the step ups plus the swimming which I can’t do anymore the water is to cold 😦  so I thought I would see if I can get a cardio workout dvd to replace the swimming.  I’m down 2lbs which is good  but its going slowly… I talked to my rheumy doctor and they will not allow me to get back on my fibromyalgia and seronegative RH pills :/    he said I have to be off all pills for 3 months before doing IVF  so there is no sense in getting back on the pills. at least with the hormone injections it curved the pain and fatigue enough i could get up and done stuff around the house.

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