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Well everything is a lot better now, my incision is still tender to the touch of course but I very little pain from that area anymore. Emotionally I am more stable now, still upset that I have to wait to do IVF again if at all but I’m becoming ok with that and getting excited about adoption! I have a month checkup with my kidney doctor Thursday and will set up my first appointment to have me checked to see if the cancer has come back. It’s so strange to me to think I had cancer. I feel so guilty about it because I had it for maybe a month and don’t have to have treatment. I had a grandmother and an uncle who went through the works treatment wise and lost their battle to it. while others went through the works with treatment and survived. I don’t feel like it’s right for me to cry about it or say that I am a cancer survivor… what did I survive?  a surgery, granted a very painful surgery, but does that give me the right to tell people, that I am a cancer survivor….

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