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So today’s shot not bad at all, the normal 5 second sting then it was good.  Jason and I stayed up late last night talking about different things two of them being the IVF money and  our diet/exercise.  I was not happy about getting back up to 213 and Jason had gained about 7 lbs also. not to mention both Jason and I’s sugar levels were getting higher.  So we sat down and made a commitment to the low-calorie/low sugar diet and 2 hours a day working out.  Today’s went good till now lol I’m hungry but I not it wont kill me to just hold out a few hours and then have a low cal low sugar lite snack then off to bed. so we will see how this will do i still have a month or so till we head in for the gathering to lose as much as possible. Now the IVF money that was a different story…. It’s just hurting us so bad bills are starting to be held off till later and neither one of us likes that at all! we just got out of debt before we started the IVF process. So today we spent all day long going to place to place trying to get a loan and so far it’s a no go… The loan would help us out with getting out of debt again and finally getting the follistim paid for so I can stop freaking out about that … We have the money for it but not in time…. Oh plus my lovely start of cycle landed today which is a good thing but it lead me to find out that what we had set up with my OB/GYN and my IVF clinic is not going to work out with the blood draws. Now they can however do my ultrasound and blood draw thursday but after that it looks as though I will be driving to Dallas every other day once I start the menopur and the follistim to check levels. Man that’s a 2 1/2 hours drive there  and back!?! 5 hours of driving for prob 15 mins at the clinic for blood work SUCKS…. I told Jason we may want to check out an extended stay hotel for the last two weeks during this process and see what would be cheaper the hotel or gas back and forth. although if we can’t get this loan we may have to stop and wait a month till we have all the money.. Hope everyone has a wonderful night.

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