ultrasound results

ok so we get called back and my heart starts beating a mile a minute. recap… they transferred 2 class 1 embryos and 1 class 2 embryo.  one of the embryos didn’t attach at all. I miscarried the 2nd baby… the third baby though is still hanging in there and doctor says baby looks right where it should be at around 6 weeks pregnant. there was no heart beat yet but he said not to worry though that’s it could be a little behind. I go back in a week to make sure that this is a viable pregnancy. He’s looking for considerable growth and next week we should be able to see the heart beating. morning sickness is starting to get a bit stronger…. i’m so conflicted with emotions, i’m so happy about the 3rd baby, but so sad about the other 2 babies. Hope everyone has a wonderful night. 6 week ultrasound

ultrasound tomm

I just couldn’t wait till Thursday! I had hubby call them back and make the ultrasound for tomm morning. So at 11:30am tomm I should know what is going on with the baby on whether we are miscarrying or we lost 1 but still have one or if only 1 baby attached etc….  I am so freaken nervous!! Though I actually do think that we are still pregnant with one baby. I think it attached late and that there is only one. I have not had any sharp pains, cramping or any blood spotting or otherwise. We shall see tomm though…

4th BETA

was only 1023.. so now I have to go back to fertility clinic on Thursday for a ultrasound sound to find out what is wrong. She said could be that only one egg attached and could still be a healthy normal pregnancy or we could be losing all of them… I’m not having any sharp pain or any bleeding….  I asked if the number would be normal for a single baby but she said there’s no way to know for sure. but kept telling me it could be just one attached or that we lost one or two but the third is still ok… I am so upset and can’t believe I have to wait till Thursday to find out. I am praying that if anything that’s it’s just one baby and that that one baby is normal.

4th BETA tomm morning

it has been one whole week since we have been able to get any type of news on how well our baby(ies) are progressing. I believe everything to be good still though, I have not had any more spotting at all and no pain other then the achiness, pinching and pressure to which my fertility clinic says all is normal.  Also I have become so very tired lately that I started laying down during the day and at about 8pm I get super tired and just want to go to bed…. but I can’t go to bed until I do the PIO shot at 10:30 😦 so not fair. my nausea has gotten steadily worse this past week to which today during the middle of church of all times I had to run to barely make it in time to the toilet.  Breasts are still sore and my bras are starting to get tight… due to my fibromyalgia, I was hoping it would not kick in until 4-6 months pregnant but it has started already. My lower back is spasming and any time I get out of a chair, bed, couch… I get a intense burning sensation followed by a lighting sensation that shoots up my spine and down my legs. My hips are also killing me and are sitting at a level 7 pain all the time now, and my fibro skin is back, meaning my skin is extremely sensitive to the touch to a painful level.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful night.

3rd BETA results

So my HCG count is up to 298 which the fertility doctor says my numbers are doing amazingly well! This time I get to wait a week till I have my 4th BETA but when I get those results we set up the first ultrasound appt!!! I so can not wait!! So today I am 4 weeks 5 days pregnant. I have tender breasts, a tiny bit of morning sickness all through out the day though I have not puked yet, I’m more tired then I have been but not enough for a nap yet,  I have pressure in my lower stomach and lower back pain to which the doctor says it’s normal, I feel like I am coming down with a head cold that has not arrived yet for days now and my appetite has decreased.  So all in all I feel great!! lol Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

So my 2nd BETA results are in!!! 104!!!!! Which more then doubled so makes me think it may be twins! 🙂 I’m so excited and happy,  It’s one hell of a long road and we still have one hell of a long road to go but I think I can see light now! I have had no more cramping and no more spotting at all! I took the RH negative shot yesterday and ouch.  Now they have me on Lovenox injection and again OUCH, but they said it wont be long that I’m on it.  Thanks for all the warm thoughts and wishes, prayers and support I could not have gotten through all of this without yall. Reading all of yall’s story’s with helpful tip’s and advice really helped me out. Hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!  

I feel really good about it though. I had no cramps at all today and no spotting or blood at all today!!! Plus I took another pregnancy test today and the line got darker.  I just have a good feeling about it…. I did have my RH Negative shot today though. I forgot how much that shot hurts!!!! Oh and I now also have to take lovenex injections for a while to which I have heard are also painful…. oh well anything to try and keep this baby.

Positive Pregnancy Test  2-11-13


Positive Pregnancy test 2-12-13

Positive Pregnancy test 2-12-13

Positive Pregnancy Test 2-13-13

Positive Pregnancy Test 2-13-13

Positive Pregnancy Test 2-14-13

Positive Pregnancy Test 2-14-13