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Day 3 shot stung a little bit more today but not all achy afterward! I can’t wait till it goes from 10 units to 5 units though maybe it will sting less.  I barely slept at all last night but when I did it was filled with IVF bad dreams. I’m sure most everyone can figure out some of them, pregnancy test showing negative, or pregnancy test being positive but then miscarry, or full term but… the last one i had though I think scared me the most I believe the thought of it came from a Law & order maybe CI I’m not sure, It’s the one though that the IVF doctor uses his own sperm instead of the partners…. I believe that one scared me the most because of the violation of it. I have gone through rapes and I never want to feel that violated again. I just really praying that these dreams are normal during this process. I try really hard to stay positive and keep myself busy to not get overwhelmed by all these emotions. I’m already getting frustrated with the fact that I have gained 7 pounds… I had gotten down to 205 but once I was taken off all my medication It just got to hard to keep going for my walks and swims. I hurt everywhere so bad right now that i can barely move. The worst right now though is my extremely sharp pains (pain scale 1-10) being a 7 in my lower stomach mostly likely it’s just my scar tissue but the fibro  tells my head that it’s the worst pain ever.  Plus  I’m becoming very overwhelmed by the next two weeks. Monday I have a MRI on my left wrist and then a bone density scan,  Tues I stop taking the BCP (YAY!), Thurs I have another MRI on my right wrist (they are checking me for seronegative rheumatoid arthritis).  Friday  I have a rheumatologist appt in the morning and then another appt that afternoon and have to come home and get my husband packed up for his work conference, Sunday at 3AM I have to take Jason to Tyler airport and he will be gone till the 30th…. I just want to sleep a week…. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day.

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Lupron Day 2

So today’s shot was a lot better! Still stung for a few mins but not bad. I still feel tearful but I’m not sure if that has to do with the shot or my upcoming cycle. Jason was a huge giant help to me and got all my medications labeled and orginazed and even made a calender schedule for when I start a new injection or pill or stop a injection or pill. It made it loads easier!! Jason is down right giddy now that we have started the injection lol maybe because he doesn’t have to do the injections but i’m so happy that he is showing that he’s getting excited and happy about this. I keep going from scared out of my mind to super excited! Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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Lupron Injections…

Ok so I finally received the medications in and called the IVF clinic up and they said I still have to take the Lupron today even though it is late. The Medication package is confusing in itself and I’m by myself for my first shot.  I’m feeling so emotional and overwhelmed!! The shot itself not so bad, It stings a little bit afterward but now I can’t stop crying….. Jason says he will get all the meds sorted out and have it set up where it wont confuse me anymore and says he will wake up early to give me the shot.  I don’t even know why I am crying darn it!!!

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